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Who is PCI?

PCI Tech Center is an Education Technology company comprising brilliant innovators and goal-driven individuals committed to bringing sustainable, cost-effective and efficient solutions to your business.

Our Story

We started in the year 2018 formerly known as the Philippine Cyber Institute. With just the right amount of passion and determination we were able to survive being the small fish in a sea full of massive and well-known competitors.

Our Journey

Spearheaded by PCI’s team of innovators and educators, our goal is to create innovative learning solutions that would improve and elevate the overall learning experience of learners and trainees anytime, anywhere.

The Problem

The problem arises in education gaps that we need to address mainly caused by high education costs, social divide, and lack of proper facilities. This results in increased school dropouts and low learning retention rates of students.

Our Solution

We provide a systematic approach, to help increase the RETENTION RATES of the learners by providing them Digital Solutions, E-learning, and Simulation Services that arer customized to address their needs.

Where we are today

PCI Tech Center has already made big waves in the EdTech industry by collaborating with various institutions from different industries.

Today we still continue to make an impact by providing innovative solutions such as Learning and Training Management Systems, Digital Solutions, Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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Primary Role:

   • Using 3D modeling, texture, mapping, and other techniques to create graphics, visual effects, and animations.
   • Collaborating with animators and other artists and attending meeting to discuss ongoing projects.
   • Understanding the project requirements and conceptualizing creative ideas.
   • Creating storyboards to visualize scenes and create and realistic environment for movies, games, and other visual effects.


   • Certificate, associate's degree, or bachelor's degree in graphic design or any related field.
   • A strong portfolio of previous work and completed projects.



Primary Role:

   • Compile and analyze data, process, and codes to troubleshoot problems and identify areas for improvement.
   • Collaborating with front-end developers and other team members to establish objectives and design more functional, cohesive codes to enhance the user experience.
   • Developing ideas for new programs, products, or features
   • Good problem-solving skills
   • Excellent verbal communication skills
   • Experience with Learning Management Systems is a plus



Primary Role:

   • Knowledge of wireframe tools (e.g. Figma).
   • Up-to-date knowledge of design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
   • Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like.
   • At least 1 year of work experience as a UI/UX Designer or similar role
   • Portfolio of design projects